Monday, April 20, 2015

Before My Head Hits the Pillow!

This was my morning travel from Greensboro, NC to Atlanta GA and finally on to Wichita KS ---

When I wasn’t snoozing behind closed eyelids that is!

This morning was SUCH an early shock to my system.

I honestly don’t know how the gate staff and folks in ticketing can be so dang cheerful at 4am.

No one in their right mind should have to get up at 3am for ANYTHING or ANY REASON! 

But….I had been afraid I would over sleep and miss my flight, so part of the problem was that even though I told myself I’d get 6 hours of sleep last night and that 3am wouldn’t be TOO BAD…I kept waking up about every 90 minutes  and checking the clock afraid that I had slept through my alarm and missed my flight already.

When it’s dark out – it’s dark out…so it is hard to guage what time it is unless you lean over and look at that clock.

Oh goodness!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Trip That Wasn’t…or Isn’t..Yet!


It all started like this.

With a simple 50 minute delay, that turned into a 2 our delay ---

I called Delta, and they were nice as always on the phone, trying to get me to Wichita tonight – but it just wouldn’t happen.

I could take my chances that my connecting flight in Atlanta would also be delayed, but if I got to Atlanta, and that flight had already left, there were no more flights from Atlanta that could get me into Wichita tonight.

So guess where I am??

“Come back to the airport and pick me up, I am rebooked on a flight at 5:25am tomorrow morning!”


And I had to uncheck my luggage – ALL my luggage:

Treadling in the Evening!

Something I’ve wanted to do for a while, but haven’t had a chance!

Sometimes I feel a bit isolated in the basement.

Especially on evenings when we are all home.

And yet I have deadlines and need to get as much done as I can – even if I try to take it at a more leisurely pace, deadlines still loom and I honestly can not just sit and watch TV in the evening without doing something.

When I was up to the cabin last, I set up a table behind my comfy chair in the family room, and sewed on the 301, asking others if the machine bothered them at all.

“Nope!  You are fine!” was the answer.

This made me feel much more a part of things.  I was right there.  I could converse, I could laugh at the funny bits, and I could make the progress toward these deadlines that needs to happen between road trips.

So last evening I turned the treadle machine from the wall, to face the back of the couch!  It worked!

Not only that, but Emmy Lou felt content enough to hop up on the back of the couch and take a snooze while I was stitching away:

Saturday, April 18, 2015

For the Simple Love of Simple Squares!

Wonderful things happen when you think far enough ahead to cut down scraps as you make them.

I LOVE boxes of individual squares, whatever size they are.

They are quick to grab for simple Leader & Ender units, and I can ALWAYS find places to use a four patch or a nine patch ---

If that scrap on my cutting table is big enough to cut a square from it I will.

The best thing about this little box?  VARIETY!

Variety means I don’t have to comb through boxes of fat quarters, yardage, or untamed scraps and head to the ironing board to press before I can cut what I need.

They are already ready!

Treadling Afternoon!

Some days are just perfect for Deck Treadling!

I got back from my eye doc appointment yesterday afternoon, brought in the mail, put away groceries – and LONGED to be outside.

It was just that kind of day with temps in the low 70s, sunshine, gentle breezes and birdsong.

My orphan backing parts were laid out on the same level, on the living room floor…so this actually saved me from having to run up and down the stairs to sew the parts in the basement….I can justify ANYTHING!

So out onto the back deck I went, rolling my beautiful 1890s VS 2 right out the door and setting her up on the deck to sew.

There are not many deck days here before it gets too hot.  My back deck is not covered ((YET!  That’s on the bucket list)) and the sun can be awfully hot in the summer…so I’ve got to grab the opportunity while I can.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Quilt-Cam, 4/17/2015

Another Quilt-Cam opportunity!  How great!

Maybe we are making up for lost time?

Whatever the answer, I’m grateful for it. 

It’s the perfect anecdote to my being home alone tonight ---and we can work together!

It’s been a wonderful day of sewing here at home with a few errands thrown in.

Anne in the UK has also been busy at it, finishing up her Spiderweb top and she wanted to share her story with us.

She writes:

Up On The Roof….

This is the story of before and after.

Last 4th of July when family was visiting from Texas, us old folks accepted our much younger nephew’s offer to go up on the roof and clear the gutters because they were just not doing what needed to be done.

The cabin is a tall structure, three levels as you can see, and the pitch of that roof can be a bit scary.

And while the gutter clearing produced miracles, we also discovered places that were going to need repair.

The cabin was built in 1999, and up on our knoll in the Blue Ridge Mountains that wind can howl something fierce.

It was time to re-roof.

Can you see a couple of guys up on the top there?  They are getting ready to do their thing!

While I was away in Maryland and New Jersey, the cabin got a new roof!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Another Ride on the Orphan Train!

Got an Orphan Box?

Oh, sure!  EVERYONE should have an Orphan Box!  Loads of fun stuff can come out of here….

Leftover blocks and parts and units and UFOs and even gifted blocks that haven’t found their way into a project are stored in here.

And right on top there is just what I am looking for.

I’m pulling anything and everything blue that will help me put a backing together for the quilt with the blue piano key border I was working on a few weeks ago.

I get EXTRA bonus points if I can clear some of this up as well as use some DEEP STASH in this back.

I love the challenge.  I love the fun.  I love the slow down and take some time on getting a back together.

I mean, what’s the rush?  It’s not like I’m in a hurry to get this quilt done because another blizzard is on the way and there aren’t enough OTHER quilts in this house to keep us warm if we really needed them.

The Long Drive Home!

I stayed the night in Amish Country, Delaware!

About a week before I left for Maryland my friend Marti from Delaware emailed and said….”I’ll be seeing you in Jamestown, NY in June..do you want me to deliver cases of books for you so you don’t have to ship them ahead?”

I said..YES! 

I had to drive past Delaware on my way to/from New Jersey and it was a no brainer just to leave New Jersey at the end of my workshop and drive to Delaware for a home prepared meal, some great evening visiting, a comfy bed, and an early start the next morning.

There are boxes of books now waiting in Marti’s long arm studio  and I’ll meet her in New York to retrieve them.

This sweet Amish buggy was clip clopping down the road as I made my way from Marti’s house toward route 301 that would take me “the slow back way” through Maryland and Virginia, bypassing the Washington DC area all together.

That was a no brainer also.  It was a beautiful morning for a drive, and I had no curfew and wanted to take this day as leisurely as possible.