Sunday, October 04, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! A morning for boarding!

We arrived in Port Canaveral, Florida around 7 p.m. last night.

Both exhausted, we headed back to our room after dinner in the hotel restaurant where I promptly fell asleep and missed the entirety of the Boise State football game who trounced Hawaii with a score of 55 - 0 to the delight of my Bronco loving husband.

Go orange, go big blue, fight fight BSU!

However, I missed the entirety of the game as an ambien took me swiftly away on clouds of dreams.

I must have been tired, I woke up at 8:30 a.m.! A bigger sleep in that I am usually allowed.

When life throws you a late start, enjoy it!

I have met with several of the ladies who are attending our cruise here at the hotel, everyone is so excited to board. Our shuttle heads over at 10:45 this morning so we have a bit of time to sit around the pool area and just enjoy the Florida sunshine.

Get a load of this pool! It is absolutely the most beautiful hotel pool I have ever seen, and there is no wonder that kids were already dipping in by 8 a.m.!

Will catch you from the ship a little bit later!

I'm sitting down to breakfast!

Let's Cruise!

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Today is the Day!!

We are heading out this morning – this rainy rainy stormy morning!

From Greensboro to Atlanta to Orlando to Port Canaveral ---it’s the start of our Quiltville Caribbean Cruise!

I’ve heard from some of my cruisers, they are already in Orlando having a good time at Disney or Universal, and will be meeting up with us on the ship on Sunday when we depart.

FIFTY QUILTERS!  I am so excited.

I am so excited but as of yet – NOT ALL THE WAY PACKED!

Everything else took precedence last night. and I saved the packing for this morning.

Last night was another one of those “Sleep? who needs sleep?” kind of sleepless nights as my phone rang and rang with flood warnings from the weather service.

North Carolina is being POUNDED with rain.  It’s been raining daily for over a week now.  We are saturated, streams and rivers are full and the ground is losing its ability to absorb any more…

And we’ve got THIS going on:

Friday, October 02, 2015

Quilt Cam AND a Give-Away!

it’s an action-packed evening here in Quiltville --

And let me tell you, you ain’t seen nothing until you’ve seen Bonnie running like a crazy woman to get last minute book orders out and pack for a cruise AND do Quilt-Cam at 9pm before leaving the next morning!

But all of my checklist is just about handled so we are ready to do this thing.

Besides, Quilt-Camming with you means I get an extra hour of piecing time into this run around day, and I will take any excuse that I can get to spend more time with the fabric and the machine.

But before we get sewing – we’ve got a special giveaway to draw for.

I am giving away one copy of the Nov/Dec 15 Quiltmaker Magazine issue that is just hitting news stands now – featuring my quilt Jingle Bell Square!

The Quick Get-Away!

By 3pm yesterday I had HAD it.

I MADE my manuscript turn in deadline, and found myself just needing to get out of the basement office/studio.

I needed to be out and away – and I had one place on the agenda.  There were loose ends to tie up.

I was going to the cabin to spend the evening sewing on our Mystery with the plan of bringing all the pieces home with me today – along with some other things that HAVE to go on this cruise.

We leave TOMORROW!  So this was my one opportunity.

You can’t go on the cruise without the REAL camera!  We also needed the GoPro and a couple other things and I quickly volunteered.

The plan is that I would drive up here, work on the quilt, stay the night and head home this afternoon.

That will leave ME this evening to pack!

And just like that I was off ---

Thursday, October 01, 2015

An Evening in St Charles!

How better to cap off a wonderful day than dinner out in historic St Charles, Missouri!

We were already on this end, after hitting O’sewspersonal quilt shop followed by the antique mall – it was  merely a hop, skip and a jump over to the historic district in St Charles.

You know how I love history!

This little town began to boom around 1770 and you will find several federal style buildings that were once homes now functioning as shops and eateries all up and down the main street.

We were in for a special treat – Oktoberfest was being held in the park right along the river and though the parking was a madhouse, we got to enjoy the sounds of oompa polka bands playing.

Let me tell you, you have never enjoyed an evening until you have sat on the outside veranda at the upper level of a restaurant listening to a polka band play “Sweet Caroline …... Buh buh buh!!!”  And of course we had to sing along, who wouldn’t?  Who couldn’t??

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hoppin’ and Shoppin’ in O’Fallon!

In between our fabulous picnic in the park at the Muny, and the Antique Mall browse of the century, we made a little pit stop into O’Sewpersonal in nearby O’Fallon!

Hey!  I just got it!  O’Sew and O’Fallon.  It’s a word play on location! It's all about the O'!! Great name!

((Yes, this was a SQUIRREL moment and the light bulb really DID shine over my head!))

It was a fun day to meet some really great folks who run the cutest little quilt shop in O’Fallon – and if you happen to stop by on the right day, you might just catch Kevin behind the counter as he works there when he is NOT playing flight attendant for Southwest Airlines.

((Yes, he really DOES work for the fabric!))

I took a great little look around and I thought you’d enjoy seeing what I saw!

Bonnie, Kevin and Robin–on the LOOP!

What do you do when brunch is over at 11am, but the lecture doesn’t start until 1:30pm??


There are several areas of beautiful St Louis that I was able to spend time in –we had dinner on The Hill the night before, a lovely old Italian neighborhood where homes still sport the Italian flag, and fire hydrants are also painted orange and green and white!

((And the gelato was to die for!))

I enjoyed a picnic with Kevin and Mary Ellen down by the Muni at a gorgeous park.

We spent time in St Charles – oh yes! Those photos are still on my laptop, maybe I’ll post those tonight.

And we spent our time before my lecture wandering around the area known as “The Loop”  in an area called University City---which really doesn’t loop anywhere!  It goes in a straight line!  But hey, it’s St Louis, it’s bound to be a bit quirky.

This place began a life of its own farther back than you might imagine.  What you can’t see behind us in this silly selfie that I stole from Kevin --

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yahoo! It’s a Give-Away Deluxe!

I came home from Missouri to a HUGE pile of mail!

Now it’s usually a pretty big pile after being gone 2 weeks, but this time it was bigger than most --

And I was just THRILLED when I realized that the large white envelope at the bottom of the pile had the QUILTMAKER logo on it!

It’s here!

The Nov/Dec 2015 issue that I’ve been waiting for is here!

There is a very special quilt in this issue that is just perfect for the holidays, and a great way to dig into those holiday fabrics of Christmas Past and let them come out to play.

And this quilt is so easy that you will have no problem getting this one done and bound before St Nick comes down YOUR chimney!

Kevin, Mary Ellen and Bonnie Go Antiquing!

Two of my favorite things happened on Friday!

A Picnic AND An Antique Mall run!

And I got to do it with two of my friends, how’s that for fun?

You never know what you are going to find when you go out antiquing.  Merchandise can turn over at any given time, so even if you were there 2 months ago, or even 2 weeks – it can be completely different the next time.

Kevin had warned me that “We might not find anything good” here – but never fear, we’ll give it a shot anyway!